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srijeda, 16. lipnja 2010.

Starcraft 2 - Terran Marine Strategy

There are numerous StarCraft 2 strategies available to help you learn different approaches to the game. These strategies are contained in various StarCraft 2 strategy guides that are currently on the market. The most effective strategy guides will contain information that will help you to quickly develop your skills as a player of StarCraft 2. The best strategy guides are actually written by players who have already mastered the game. These are usually advanced players who can provide you with very concise and clear instructions which will help you to get to the next level. This article will briefly discuss StarCraft 2 Terran Marine Strategy

The Marine is the most fundamental and basic unit of the Terran army. A Marine is a low cost but highly effective foot soldier and as such is vital to any successful Terran strategy. The basic attire of Marines included fortified ecological gear that permits them to attack in extremely dangerous conditions. This gear that Marines wear does not include any armor but the gear can be upgraded and refortified several times. They are also equipped with state of the arts high powered riles that can inflect considerable damage on the intended target

Marines give the Terran player a unit that is both inexpensive as well as easy to build. Marines work best when they are joined together in a large group with other Marines. This provides the player with an excellent means to quickly wipe out enemy battle units like Protoss Zealots and Zerg Zerglings. These enemies will be swiftly eliminated before they can ever reach the Marines. The Protoss Carrier is great for the dark templar.

Marines have available a number of upgrade that will enhance their effectiveness. The cost of the upgrades is relatively inexpensive when compared to the many benefits that the player will realize from the enhanced Marines. The cost of the upgrades is offset be the increase in the ability of Marines to quickly kill even more enemies.

Marines are often at risk though because of their habit of massing together. This makes Marines accessible to enemy units who have the ability to destroy such groupings by using high powered tanks. Thus Marines are at risk to Zerg Baneling, Zerg Infestor, and Protoss Collosus. Marines are also at risk when facing Protoss High Templar, Terran SEIGE Tank and Terran Hellion.

Thus the effectiveness of this strategy will depend on the specific deployment of Marine Units. The fact that Marine units have the ability to take out numerous enemies should be balanced against the weaknesses of Marines and an appropriate strategy should be selected.

This is the type of information that is available in the most effective StarCraft 2 strategy guides. These guides will help you to understand both the capabilities and the limitations of all of the races and their component units. By accessing this type of information you will be able to quickly develop your skills in playing starcraft 2. The various strategy guides are also quite cost effective considering the amount of useful information that is contained within the strategy guide.

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  1. Never played much Terran, I'll have to try out some of these guides.