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utorak, 31. ožujka 2009.

PC Gaming Industry Slowly Dying

By now, the decline of the PC gaming industry should be evident to PC gamers around the world.

Part of the decline was due to the new interest in next-generation gaming consoles (XBox 360, PS3, Wii), but sadly, another motivating cause is the continuing piracy of PC games.

As far as I can tell, this demise started sometime in 2007, but had a large noticeable impact in 2008. In 2008, we saw a shift away from PC gaming and much further towards console gaming. Games like Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and Fallout 3 were all released on consoles before being released on the PC. The fact that three big name first person shooters were delayed to the PC really says something. Before the next-generation consoles, first person shooters generally favored the PC before the console; now it's the other way around. Fallout was originally a PC game series, however; the tide has turned and Fallout 3 was released to consoles months before it became available for PCs. GRRRRRRRR. . . keyboard/mouse >>>>> controller, damn it!

If that's not enough, how about an FPS and (drum roll please) an RTS game released exclusively for consoles? The two games in question are Battlefield: Bad Company and Tom Clancy's End War. Discovering that Battlefield: Bad Company's PC development was nowhere to be found, I was royally pissed. Battlefield 2142 was long due to be replaced, but EA lent us PC gamers a blind eye. What an insult! They're holding out on the very people who made the Battlefield series a success.

End War is another story - (to the big wigs who thought of this) what the hell guys? You know what gamers think of when you put RTS and console in the same sentence? Starcraft 64 (what a huge blunder that was) . However, the fact that End War is actually a half decent game should leave you to believe that the PC counterpart was in the immediate works. Sadly, that is not the case. Although PC development is underway, creative director Michael de Plater blames piracy for the delay.

So, fellow readers and PC gamers, support the industry you so dearly love. We shoud consider ourselves lucky that Far Cry 2 was simultaneously released on both the PC and consoles, but that may not be the case in the future. How would you like it if Far Cry 3 was a console only game? I hope you see the trend the PC gaming industry is taking. One of the only ways to revive the industry is to stop pirating! Bottomline: Either buy the game and look forward to better games or pirate the game and not even think about a sequel.

nedjelja, 29. ožujka 2009.


With CoD4 being one of the most impressive and ground breaking releases in terms of photo realistic graphics, game play to die for and a storyline that was so involving it made you want run down to your local recruitment office and sign up! Cod5 had a very tough act to follow, but surely with a team that could put out a title like Cod4 they shouldn't have a problem right?

As soon as I heard they were returning the WWII and the Pacific Theater era I cried a little inside as these scenarios has been covered by more than enough titles, game developers out there; 'The world has moved on, can't you?' Still I was definitely going to get this game no matter what due to Cod4 being so good, I think many people felt this way, and I also think Activision used this fact to their advantage.

So the game...sticking with the same graphics engine as Cod4 (sorry I'll try to stop mentioning it as this isn't a comparison), the visuals are stunning and jungle landscapes really make the game a dream to look at. One of the best things about this engine is just how well it runs on lower end systems. To test this I played it on an AMDx2 4600 at 2.8GHz, 2 gig's of ddr2 ram and a 7800GTX extreme with resolution at 1280x1024 and was getting an average of 50fps with settings on high.

Now this isn't very impressive compared to what can be achieved with newer hardware, however 50fps will give you great game play and considering you can build a system as specified above for ~£150 (excluding monitor and peripherals etc) you can see just how well they have done with this engine.

The campaign is split into two sections, you swap between playing as Private Miller of the U.S. Marine Corps fighting the Japanese Army in the Pacific, and Private Dimitri Petrenko of the Red Army advancing on Berlin. (have I seen this format somewhere before?).

As expected the playability of the game is outstanding, the combat really gets your heart pounding and the games AI really adds a sense of realism that I find lacking in a lot of FPS games. Your buddies will help you out but the pace of each battle really depends on how aggressive you're feeling. This makes for a game that is different each time you play through it as the scenario reacts to your game play style.

The multiplayer is the same format as CoD4 (damn!) giving each player a ranking so you have targets to achieve and the fast paced action will keep you online for days.

And to be honest that's all I have to say about this release because if you've played CoD4 (and who hasn't) you've seen it all before really. Don't get me wrong it is a GREAT game, I enjoyed playing it thoroughly and would recommend it to all as it would turn any WoW addict into an FPS fan. However I still feel a bit let down. It seems as if Activision have made a breakthrough with CoD4, then rather than pushing the boundary further and keeping the gaming community on the edge of their seats, they themselves have sat back and played it safe to get the benjamins rolling in.

They have built a sense trust with their name as one would expect nothing but the best from them now, I pray that they will not abuse this trust that we as consumers have put in them. I hope they will use the profit from this release to good use and get back on the edge of their seats, as we all know what they are capable of when they put their mind to it. It's time to make another giant leap for mankind guys!

srijeda, 25. ožujka 2009.

Dead Space review

evo mala nek je na engleskom da i ostali razumiju :D

Dead Space

Score: 9.0

Systems: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Genre: 3rd person survival horror
Length: 15 hours
Difficulty: 7
Developer: EA Redwood Shores
Publisher: EA Games
Release Date: 10/14/08


- Combat is very fun and good amount of gameplay variety
- Lots of upgrades, gadgets
- Great atmosphere, sound, graphics


- Environment not as interesting as utopian underwater world of Bioshock
- Difficulty goes from super easy to darn hard at points

The games released in 2008 have been pretty weak thus far. The "big release" games, such as GTA4, MGS4, Mario Kart and Spore have done nothing for me. It seems we got spoiled with the great crop of games that were released in 2007, such as Bioshock, Portal, COD4, Half Life 2 Episode 2, Metroid Prime 3, and Super Mario Galaxy. Well, it seems the industry is following its usual trend of releasing all the great games in the last 2 months of the year. Clearly this is the only time people have disposable cash for great games, right?

Bioshock was one of the best games released last year. The incredibly detailed and creative underwater world and the great variety of gadgets, powers and the ominous Big Daddies combined to create a truly amazing gaming achievement. Like they say, imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. Dead Space emulates many of the Bioshock gaming mechanics in a new environment. It should not be surprising that Dead Space is a great game as well. Both games feature a self contained smallish, but interesting environment where some crazy genius is pulling the strings and making disgusting mutant enemies.

The game is set in a huge space ship. You are tasked to restart the ship's tram, fix its navigation computers and a variety of other believable tasks. While it would nice to just walk around the ship performing your duties to get things running again, it wouldn't make a very entertaining game. That's where the crazy antagonist sets things up to make your life a living hell as he besets countless hordes of disgusting atrocities your way. Your job is to stop him from creating a master race of aliens.

One of the game's innovations is its strategic dismemberment system. While the enemies are really cool, you can't just gawk at them all day or you'll get your ass handed to you. Enemies are virtually impossible to deal with by simply blasting away at them aimlessly. You also have a very limited ammo supply so you need to choose your shots wisely. By aiming at specific body parts rather than simply blasting away at them, you can take enemies down faster and conserve ammo. Some enemies also have inherent weaknesses that can be exposed by targeting them from behind or shooting bombs on them. The limited ability to slow time also makes it easier to target body parts. This system helps to distinguish the game from Bioshock. The game also remembers that you are an engineer and gives you tools of the trade rather than the typical space marine huge grunt weapons of mass destruction. It's nice to see the game separate itself from other shooters.

The game provides a lot of powerups, but none really distinsguish themselves from the pack. You can make better guns to deal with hardier enemies. There are armor upgrades, but they serve to only increase the damage you can absorb. Your main power is the ability to slow down time and move some objects.

Missions provide a good deal of variety. All stages revolve around realistic tasks, such fixing various parts of the ship, rather than the typical shoot everything in sight, grab the blue key to open the blue door and progress to the next level. Some stages revolve around going into zero G environments as you float around searching for an exit and fighting the ever present monsters. These sections change up the action by forcing you to search for enemies that can come at you from all directions. There are also sections where you go into a vacuum and have a limited air supply, which results in a limited time frame to make it through to the next section. Other games with timed sequences can get frustrating if you die in the last 30 seconds of a 10 minute section, but Dead Space gets around these problems by keeping these timed sections limited to just 1-2 minutes.

At the end of major sections of the game you are encountered with some fun boss fights. These fights set themselves apart from the other sections with the creature's unique abilities. As with most games, you just need to learn their weaknesses to defeat them. Several of these fights require you to use your powers in unique ways to defeat them.

There are a number of minor puzzles strewn throughout the game. None of it is very complicated, but the puzzles help to break up the pace of the game and keep it from devolving into a standard run and gun shooter. You can use the power to slow down time to effect your environment. The telekinetic powers also let you move objects to forge your path through the game.

The enemies that jump at from the dark recesses of space have variety as well. Some monsters will cling to walls and jump at you while rebounding to other walls. Other huge creatures are virtually unstoppable and can only be killed from behind. Some enemies are plants that spit smaller aliens at you while others explode into smaller creatures.

The dark and dank atmosphere emulates the Gears of War and Resident Evil games that really set the mood for the horror experience so well. Apparently they just don't pay the light bills in these games. The game takes full advantage of the dark environments by having creatures jump out at you from every nook and cranny. The desperate mood is amplified with scarce ammo supplies. The developers went to great lengths to create a convincing environment, and they don't let the game's HUD ruin it. You will never venture into complicated menu systems to change powers or abilities because everything you need is displayed holographically on your 3D HUD, your suit or your gun.

Some problems I experienced were that there is no clear direction regarding what should be upgraded and would effective later in the game. While the environments and enemies are great, they do get a bit repetitive in the last third of the game. It's always hard to keep the new experiences coming throughout an adventure. The difficulty level isn't a smooth transition as you progress through the adventure. I had no challenge through the first 4 levels then I started getting my butt kicked pretty quickly as ammo and health pickups starting dwindling fast. Gamers should make sure to act like they are stocking up for the winter by holding back on using your equipment unless it is absolutely necessary.

Dead Space drips and oozes with atmosphere and has outstanding graphical effects. The sound quality is also superb. In the vacuum environments, the oxygen tank breathing becomes magnified and the screams of terror become muted. It's these types of attention to detail that make the game continue to stand out.

Overall, Dead Space creates that rare feeling that I just didn't want to put the game down and couldn't wait to get home to play the game. It's quite shocking that Electronic Arts, otherwise know as the former evil empire, developed this game. Over the past decade, EA has created sequel after sequel apparently so detracted from gamers to realize that we want something new and fun to play. Well, its recently lagging financial performance must have woken up the sleeping giant to create this new high quality IP with its innovative gameplay mechanics. Are you listening Activsion and Nintendo? It is still possible for large mass market companies to innovate and satisfy the hardcore gamers. You are on notice that we expect more from you. Heck, even EA can create something new, so I know you guys can do it.

Make sure to visit our site to also view the game's video review, gameplay videos and images along with editorial articles and arcade games.

utorak, 24. ožujka 2009.

What makes a great gamer PC

What makes a great gamer PC as opposed to a good computer for office work? While standard office computers are designed to be just good enough to accomplish regular tasks such as word processing and the occasional spreadsheet work, they are not usually up to the task of handling the advanced graphics and CPU utilization that is required to play the more advanced PC games out today. Gaming really stresses a PC, and the average office computer just can't cut it. So, for those wishing to get into gaming, here are some guidelines in what to look for in a great gaming PC.

Everything you want for your computer and more at

A great gamer PC should be built with high end parts designed specifically to handle the heat and stresses of computer gaming. A great gamer PC should have at least one dedicated, high end graphics card (some times two or three) designed to get the most performance out of single player or multiplayer games, not an on-board video chip that takes away system RAM. A great gaming PC should have plenty of system RAM to run the games, a large hard drive for storage and a fast CPU. A large power supply is also a must to run all those internals and peripherals.

Of course cooling is essential in a performance PC, which is why a great gaming computer should use specially designed heat sinks for extra CPU cooling. Most of these are larger with heat pipes and fins and specially designed fans. System fans and air flow over the memory and graphics cards are also important for great performance.

In other words, what makes a great gamer PC is: quality, reliability and performance. Modern PC Games push the envelope when it comes to graphics and game play. They can really put a lot of stress on a machine. That's why a gaming computer needs to be built for performance and reliability. Upgrade your Video Card at



this is my first blog...and in future we will have reviews of games, new hardware, news from black chronics etc...

HD 4850 overheat tutorial

Everyone knows that HD4850 series has some HEAT problems on referent models..

You can solve it with buying NEW cooler (for 20 US dollars) zaalman, coolermaster or something like that and install it.

Or you can give extra 20 dollars and buy little more expensive card from better manufacturer like gainward or XFX and play on 55 Celzius...

here is little tutorial for ones who want to buy and install custom cooler on it



zasad nama gamerima (i onima koji se tako osjecaju) stanje na trzistu je zadovoljavajuce u pogledu grafickih kartica.

Igre koje su nam raspolozive trenutno su dovoljno optimizirane da bi ih tjerale nase grafe.
Govori se o dolasku DX11 s Windows7 i grafickim karticama koje podrzavaju ga, ali bi se trebali zapitati jel nam to uistinu potrebno?

Uglavnom koristimo DX9 jer rijetko koja igra je na DX10 ... sta ce nam DX11 ako jos DX10 nije zazivio???

Ja osobno imam XFX HD4850 i nema igre koju nemogu igrat s svim na max...jedino jednoglavo rjesenje koje je jace od nje je HD4870...

Ako uzmemo u obzir da ATI u travnju ce pustit s lanca HD 4890, mozemo se barem onda nadati nizim cijenama postojecih kartica. Ali prije kupnje novog hardvera moramo se zapitati dal nam je stvarno potrebno to...mislim...ako mogu igrat sve sto postoji trenutno na trzistu, dali ima onda smisla prelazit na novu grafu...

Kid heard that HD4890 is coming

Difference between 2 rival best buys

We assume that RV770 core frequency is not far from the core frequency in RV670. However, the quantity of some functional units in RV770 in comparison with RV670 will be increased, and high-end video card on base of RV770 will get the faster GDDR5 memory .

The TDP level for Radeon HD 4870 will be equal to 160 W, and for Radeon HD 4850 this value will be limited to 110 W. In this case the Radeon HD 4870 will be on average up to 30% faster than Radeon HD 4850.

First, the core frequency in Radeon HD 4870 will be 100 MHz higher. Second, the memory frequency in Radeon HD 4870 will be equal to 3920 MHz DDR, and the radeon HD 4850 memory will operate at 2000 MHz DDR frequency . The first video card will be equipped with 512 mb GDDR- 5 memory, but the second will be limited to 512 mb GDDR- 3 memory . If we believe the existing information, the Radeon HD 4870 will be up to 52% expensive than the Radeon HD 4850 ($349 against $229).

But if we compare the speed level of the new video card AMD with the geForce 9800, then Radeon HD 4870 will be up to 25% faster than GeForce 9800 GTX, and Radeon HD 4850 will be up to 25% faster than GeForce 9800 GT or GeForce 8800 GT.

Are you having problem deciding which graphics card to buy? Do not worry, you are not alone! With a wide range of graphics cards out there, each with different specification and function; it is definitely a difficult choice to make.

To choose the right graphics card, you need to consider the following points:

AGP or PCIe?

AGP is the slot where the graphics card is inserted in the motherboard. It has been the standard for graphics card connection for a long time.

With the introduction of PCIe slot, the days of using AGP slot will soon come to an end. PCIe slot boosts a speed 4 times faster than AGP slot and supports multiple video cards integration (SLi or Crossfire technology). This is something that is impossible to achieve using the AGP slot

If you are looking to build a gaming computer from scratch, it is advisable to get a PCIe graphics card as it will soon take over AGP as the standard for graphics card connection. However, if what you want is only to upgrade a new video card, there are still a lot of great AGP graphics card around for your selection.


GDDR refers to the bandwidth of the graphics card memory module bandwidth. It is not the same as the DDR2 computer memory RAM you install on the motherboard.

GDDR2 has been employed by graphics card manufacturers for a period of time. The main drawback for GDDR2 is its severe overheating issue. This has prompted ATI to develop the GDDR3. GDDR3 has a lower power consumption rate and a higher bandwidth, which enables the graphic card to last longer and run faster. GDDR3 is now commonly used in most NVIDIA- or ATI-based video cards. Though price is more expensive, it is definitely a better buy than a DDR2 graphics card.

Memory size

There is a saying "memory is never enough, always upgrade to the maximum". That might be true for computer memory, but when it comes to graphics card memory, I beg to differ. In my opinion, a 512MB graphics card is more than sufficient to handle most of the graphics intensive application. In fact, if you get a 256MB GDDR3 graphics card with a good GPU, the performance might even be better than a 512MB DDR2 graphics card. I own a five years old 128MB graphics card and until now, it's still serving me well and has no problem handling most of the graphics intensive game that I played. Unless you have spare cash to spend, my advice is to get a 512MB graphics card. It should be able to last you for a few years.

Do you need dual graphics card?

SLI or Crossfire technology enables you to connect multiple video cards together. By making use of two or more GPUs connected together, the performance of the system increased by two to three folds. This is a very powerful innovation that greatly improves a system's graphics handling capabilities.

In the current market, there are not many games and applications that can fully utilize this fast processing ability. However, with the speed the graphics technology is advancing, it is only a matter of time that SLI or Crossfire technology becomes the standard for graphics card.

For gamers who want to achieve a faster and better graphics performance, you might want to consider acquiring a SLI or Crossfire ready graphics card.

Hopefully this article has helped you in choosing the best graphic card for your gaming computer. If you want to know more about gaming computer and how to choose the right hardware, check out gaming computer guide.

Damien Oh is an expert in building gaming computer. His website provides very detail information on building gaming computer guide and the latest game update and hardware configuration