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utorak, 24. ožujka 2009.

What makes a great gamer PC

What makes a great gamer PC as opposed to a good computer for office work? While standard office computers are designed to be just good enough to accomplish regular tasks such as word processing and the occasional spreadsheet work, they are not usually up to the task of handling the advanced graphics and CPU utilization that is required to play the more advanced PC games out today. Gaming really stresses a PC, and the average office computer just can't cut it. So, for those wishing to get into gaming, here are some guidelines in what to look for in a great gaming PC.

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A great gamer PC should be built with high end parts designed specifically to handle the heat and stresses of computer gaming. A great gamer PC should have at least one dedicated, high end graphics card (some times two or three) designed to get the most performance out of single player or multiplayer games, not an on-board video chip that takes away system RAM. A great gaming PC should have plenty of system RAM to run the games, a large hard drive for storage and a fast CPU. A large power supply is also a must to run all those internals and peripherals.

Of course cooling is essential in a performance PC, which is why a great gaming computer should use specially designed heat sinks for extra CPU cooling. Most of these are larger with heat pipes and fins and specially designed fans. System fans and air flow over the memory and graphics cards are also important for great performance.

In other words, what makes a great gamer PC is: quality, reliability and performance. Modern PC Games push the envelope when it comes to graphics and game play. They can really put a lot of stress on a machine. That's why a gaming computer needs to be built for performance and reliability. Upgrade your Video Card at

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