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srijeda, 11. kolovoza 2010.

Aion fastest leveling guide

If you want to skip mindlessly grinding Click Here!
Best and fastest way to level up. Check it out.

- Reach Level 50 as an Elyos in Record Time with a Complete Leveling Guide

- Reach Level 50 as an Asmodian in Record Time with a Complete Leveling Guide

- Detailed Crafting Strategies Help you Choose the Right Craft and Get Started Fast

- Learn which Items are Worth Big Kinah When You Hit Level 50

- Find the Best Named Mobs throughout the Game with the Aion Mastery Hunting List

- Destroy Your Competition with In-Game Tips Littered Throughout the Leveling Guide. Never Get Confused by the Numerous Game Components of Aion!

- Free Premium Updates of the Guide! When Aion Online Patched or Updated, So is Aion Mastery.

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