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ponedjeljak, 6. travnja 2009.

The Positive Benefits of Gaming

Gaming is one of the hottest pastime of this generation. Over the past years we have observed many of the benefits of gaming. Truly, this wasn't the intent at first. Primarily gaming was produced just for entertainment. However, as technology progressed, so too, did the advances in gaming.

So, lets take a look at some of these benefits that all ages get from gaming.

- Logic
- Strategy
- Coordination
- Critical Thinking
- Problem Solving
- Socializing
- Communicating
- Competition
- Physical
- Fitness
- Fun

I have only touched on a low portion of the full diversity of benefits that gaming has to offer all who take part in the action. There are dozens more and I'm sure if you sat down and thought about all the aspects of gaming you will come up with multiple benefits yourself.

Many gaming software or online gaming have developed vast communities where all gamers come together and share ideas, secrets, and even trade. We make new friends, find new rivals to play against and do our very best to succeed and in doing so, we ramp up our own confidence and expertise in that particular gaming world.

Even our youngest gamers benefit academically through gaming. They are learning phonics, mathematics, science, technology, languages, critical thinking, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, creativity and so much more.

Our medical facilities have now jumped on board with using gaming software. What are they using gaming for? Let's take a look at some of the gaming benefits for the medical field. They are using gaming for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for their patients. Surgeons are using gaming for learning new procedures and practicing precision. Nurses also use gaming for their education. I guess you could say, I feel respectable about this because now I know I am not being used in the medical field as a guinea pig where trial and error is just the common factor. At least we can be assured, new procedures have been tested, tried and succeeded without risking a human or animal life.

Oh, and let us not forget our Military. They too, have climbed aboard in the gaming world. What a great way for our Military to build up their skills in strategy, combat, critical thinking, aiming and precision, tactics and this list can go on forever.

How about sports? Almost every sport you can think of, there is a game for it. Gaming has brought many honorable athletes out in the open. Practice it in the gaming software and then utilize it in the real game. It doesn't matter which sport it is, baseball, football, soccer, bowling, tennis, golf, boxing, and hundreds more.

The bottom line is, to criticize gaming is to breakdown all the benefits that gaming has provided to our culture. Gaming has made us better people, physically, emotionally and mentally. The next time you or your child are playing a game, stop and think about the benefits of the real game play that is going on. So, get gaming, have fun, play, learn. Gaming is molding your body and mind.

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